Stereotyping Roughnecks

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Stereotyping Roughnecks

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Recent research shows that the typical stereotyping of roughnecks is not only inaccurate, but can be extremely damaging to most.

A recent article in RigZone, seen here, discusses the common stereotyping of the roughneck crowds and the ripple effect that can be caused from it.

"Perhaps the worst thing about the stereotype of a roughneck is that it overlooks or is dismissive of the fact that they are playing a critical role in oilfield operations in order to provide energy that is used to power the societies we live in,” one of the contributors stated.


We, here at Keystone, feel that full article is an excellent read. Mainly, because at Keystone, we not only avoid stereotyping our labor force, but we wholeheartedly salute our roughnecks and all the value that they bring to the industry!

Read our latest article here.

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