Hurricane Season: A Roughneck's Perspective

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Hurricane Season: A Roughneck's Perspective

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Oftentimes, the sentiment of only working half of the year can seem like a postcard for most outsiders, but given the conditions that roughnecks labor through, especially hurricane season, it can be anything but "paradise".

We have written about the lives of roughnecks and also some of the stereotyping that roughnecks must endure, but an often overlooked aspect of the oil and gas lifestyle is navigating dangerous storms such as category 5 hurricanes.

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We all wait on land for the evacuation call with our hurricane checklist, gallons of water, and vehicles ready to depart, but when you are stranded hundreds of miles out to sea, getting back to your family isn't as easy.

     Helicopter logistics must be taken into account.

     Proper rig preparation must be done.

     All while closely monitoring storm paths and waiting anxiously to discuss and agree on the next moves.

We wanted to highlight a couple of blogs that have been written about how scary and critical these situations can be for offshore workers' safety that you can read HERE and HERE.

Here at Keystone, we just want to display our gratitude to the offshore laborers for all they must ensure to supply our country with oil and gas.

Thank you!

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