What are Rig Tongs Used For?

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What are Rig Tongs Used For?

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Here are a few questions about rig tongs, so you can better understand how they’re used and how they could benefit your oil patch operation.

  1. What are rig tongs?
  2. What are the different types of rig tong drivers?

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What are rig tongs?

Rig tongs breakout or makeup connections on  casing, tubing, and drill pipe Tongs used during breakout—or loosening operations—are logically called breakout tongs, while those used during makeup—or tightening operations—are called makeup tongs. Rig tongs are always used in pairs.

The first set of tongs is tied off to the derrick with a cable or chain, while the other is pulled with mechanical catheads. How much force should be applied to the rig tong to get the right connection torque? One of the most important applications of the rig tong is to make up connection.

When strategizing on how to do this effectively, you need to consider how to get the right torque value to the connection with the rig tong. The formula to determine torque value is this:

Torque=Force x Length of the tong


  • Torque is measured in foot-pounds
  • Force is measured in pounds
  • Length of the tong is measured in inches
  • Force is perpendicular to the length of the tong

What are the different types of rig tong drivers?

Tong die drivers come in three basic varieties.

Straight Tong Die Driver:

Used for die slot redressing, the straight tong die driver is lightweight—under eight pounds—and measure in at around 1”. Its handle and handguard protect hammer blows from falling onto the grip and incorporates a brass guard to prevent sparking when hammering.  

Angled Tong Die Driver:

The angled tong die driver has a grip that’s angled away from  diver  including the same features that the straight tong die driver has. This driver is similar in length to the straight tong die driver, but is about two pounds heavier, weighing in at over nine pounds.

Hammerless Tong Die Driver:

The hammerless tong die driver is the next generation in tong die drivers. Our new slide hammer design provides for a safe and simple one person operation while eliminating hand injuries caused by hammer blows. The contact components are encased to prevent sparks and flying objects. Replaceable driver heads/die slot conditioners extend the life of the tool.  

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