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Say Hello To Keystone's Drill Pipe Elevators

Drill pipe elevators are used for lifting and handling drill pipe, tubing, casing, and drill collars in the drilling industry. Due to the

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Tools You Can Trust; Why API Standards Matter

The oil industry allows little-to-no time for mistakes. And when safety and time count, API Standards matter. 

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Safety and Profits: Is It Possible To Have Both?

Working on an offshore oil rig is a hazardous job even under the best conditions. Roughnecks, we salute you. That’s why smart companies put such a

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Why Buy American-Made?

Our founding fathers believed that the strength of a nation is found in it’s foundation; that the prosperity of a nation is anchored in sacrifice. We,

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Why Keystone's Slim Hole Slip Type Elevator Is The Tool For The Job

The new design of our SHST elevator with its retractable inserts allows it to grip drilling pipe like no other elevator on the market.

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Hurricane Season: A Roughneck's Perspective

Oftentimes, the sentiment of only working half of the year can seem like a postcard for most outsiders, but given the conditions that roughnecks labor

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Keystone’s New Small Diameter Slim Hole Solution


The Dawn of the Slim Hole Slip Type Elevator.


Roll out the red carpet for the new Slim Hole Slip Type Elevator.

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Stereotyping Roughnecks

Recent research shows that the typical stereotyping of roughnecks is not only inaccurate, but can be extremely damaging to most.

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Keystone Salutes Roughnecks


“14 days.

14 days til I embrace my wife, who courageously cares for all in my absence.

14 days til I hold my children, who grow - change -

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The Top Three Ways To Build Organizational Trust


Trust isn't just something that is nice in a marriage or your close relationships. The best leaders know that it is absolutely mandatory for any

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